Monday, February 25, 2008

Newsflash: PETA confirm they're anti-fur, anti-women

Actually, it's no news that PETA has frequently resorted to objectifying women as a medium to get its message across.

To my eyes, this blunt and often quite gory objectification of the female body, and the distasteful sexualization of violence against women could already be characterized as pornography.

But now they've officially crossed the line between the radical feminist interpretation of what constitutes pornography, and that of the mainstream public.

As a matter of fact, PETA has teamed up with Suicide Girls, a so-called "alternative" pornography website for its new campaign against fur. Seemingly nubile, skinny pornography models strike falsely coy poses, and are tagged with the slogan "I'd rather go naked than wear fur."

Please do complain to PETA if you feel shocked by their exploiting women to promote their ideas. (And prepare yourself to get a patronizing, "you should know that there's nothing shameful about the female body, you should learn to love yourself", touchy-feely kinda crap of an answer.)


Just a few quick facts about Suicide Girls (no, I won't link to their website).
  • Although they flatter themselves for allegedly featuring "alternative porn" and models, they mainly feature very young, skinny, conventionally beautiful, able, hairless, White women (though apparently, some of the models are "alternative" to the extent that they've got tattoos, piercings or still a little pubic hair left);
  • They objectify women for money;
  • Suicide Girls is - no shit - run by men;
  • The company's managers have been accused of exploiting their female employees - yes, the very same people who are being objectified in such a progressive way;
  • And please, what's with the name? Since when is suicide considered as sexy? Since when one's self-destruction gets people off? WTF.

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deBeauxOs said...

Anorexia is sooo sexy too.

I guess that manly men prefer dead chicks.