Monday, February 4, 2008

Humour, bona fide work of art, or patriarchal provocation? You decide!

It has recently come to my knowledge that a major law firm in a major French speaking city of some province in Eastern Canada has acquired, as many major law firms frequently do, a new work of art to ornate its corridors.

The sculpture in question portrays a woman wearing a pink suit. Above the woman is a transparent glass plaque, through which one of the woman's hands pierces.

Charming. Great way to cheer up the female lawyers who work their asses off all day and manage a husband and a few kids in addition, and still can't make partner.

Although it's supposed to be innovative and tongue-in-cheek, from what I know, the reaction to this purchase was kinda cool - among female lawyers, that is.

Any thoughts?


Pizza Diavola said...

I think that if a firm is going to put up a piece of artwork like that, it should display such ideals in its hiring, promotion, maternity/paternity leave, and other HR customs. Talk is cheap (although the sculpture may not have been)--I'll laugh at the sculpture and find it amusing if the corporate culture of the firm actually does challenge the glass ceiling. Otherwise, it's cheap talk--business as usual.

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