Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The End of Real Women

I'm not making this up. The signs are everywhere. Real women - of the thinking, feeling, natural kind - are facing extinction.

We are being replaced. We are being replaced by pictural and mechanical versions of ourselves that are better than we'll ever be. The pornography industry is more powerful than ever on its own. In addition, it is fueled by the creativity of misogynistic inventors from all over the world, and by the fierce marketing of products that target to women.

Slowly but surely, real women are being replaced. The notion of genuine womanhood is being replaced, with a more aggressively marketed, manufactured femininity ideal, that is impossible for real women to compete with, let alone attain.

Real women are facing a choice: they can either try to run with it and try to commit to the rules of this pornified femininity, or disappear.

Or rather, the notion that it is acceptable to call ourselves women when we cannot or do not want to conform to these norms will disappear.


After all, the utility and likeability of rea women is so limited. We don't come anywhere close to being acceptable, porn-grade women.

Real women think, feel and express themselves. We are not silent, passive and cannot be shut down at will by our male owner.

Real women are complex sexual beings. We do not orgasm at the mere push of a button, and we don't have knobs and switches that make us moan.

All real women don't moan.

Real women don't always want to have sex with their partners. Nor can they follow their husbands wherever they go just so they will be sexually available if and when he feels like getting off.

Real women have a mind of their own, a life and a history, with which their life partner necessarily has to cope.

Real women don't have "perfect," plastic bodies. Real women have hair, wrinkles, and uneven skin. Real women don't wake up in the morning with their hair done and their make-up on. Real women don't perpetually look like they're 14. Real women age.

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