Monday, October 29, 2007

This is really fucked up...

... not to mention incredibly disturbing.

What more is there to say? Besides the fact that it's hateful and creepy? That it makes you want to kill the guy in the picture, the genius who came up with this brilliant concept, and every person on this earth who considers this funny and/or socially harmless?

More about creepy commercial uses of dismemberments of the female body here and here.


Anonymous said...


Yes it's stupid, but your life would be so much better if you stopped caring about stupidity that doesn't even affect you, oh wait, that's what feminism is about these days right?

Oni Baba said...

Yes, depicting human beings as sex objects and as something you can piss on is hateful indeed. The fact that people only find that kind of stuff "stupid", or "funny" or "unimportant" does affect us women.

People like you are enough to convince me that women still need feminism today.

Anonymous said...

Please give me a break.

Brilliant piece of art.....

"Oni baba" you live a self fulfilling prophecy of hate and sorrow. Why dont you live your life positive as a human being and avoid the negative wether/whether it is negativity against wymin or race or persons.

A Dutch Male who loves females

PS: my ESL brought me to spell whether as wether. How ironic as the meaning of wether = male sheep castrated before sexual maturity ; also : a castrated male goat