Friday, April 6, 2007

"It feels good to be told that my sexuality is inherently wrong."

A publicity campaign for abstinence, targeted to teenagers, has adopted the slogan "Abstinence feels good."

It sounds naive, but reasonably good-willed at first.

But as you'd expected, it gets way better.

"It feels good to have a good reputation", the website says. "It feels good to have a clear conscience."

Just another hypocritical attempt to shame teenagers - who, as everybody knows, are going to have sex anyways - into remaining silent about it, and develop irrational anxieties and feelings of guilt about the natural reactions, sensations and emotions associated with human sexuality.

The abstinence movement in the U.S. just feels like a long-winded and pathetically unfunny practical joke.


At least, this one is a joke.

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