Friday, April 6, 2007

Freaky Conservative Parents

Anyone who still doubts that boys are educated to become physical, violent men, while girls are socially conditioned to become passive and uninteresting creatures, should have a look at Doug Philips's blog, located at Vision Forum.

Once you get past his apparent obsession with the the British colonization of America (and the various forms of re-enactment thereof), you discover Doug's wacky ideas on sex segregation in education. His blog links to the "All-American Boy's Adventure" catalogue, in which almost all the toys and games features are related to war or consist in toy weapons.

("Awwwn! Look at that cute patriotic kid! Lovingly playing with guns, tanks, blackjacks... hum... How could such an innocent creature possibly become a violent mysogynistic, wife-beating monster"?)

The website also refers its audience to a catalogue of girl "toys", called "Beautiful Girlhood". Except for a line of old fashioned dolls, the "toys" actually consist of books about being an obedient daughter or about how to become a "godly" wife, tea sets, sewing supplies, cooking accessories, and colonial era dresses.

So here's the bottom-line kids:

If you're a boy, go play outdoors, and practice your fighting, stabbing and shooting skills from a young age. You never know when your pre-school militia might be needed to fend off those evil British Loyalists!

If you're a girl, just shut up, smile, and keep your hands busy with meaningless work so you can avoid thinking about what to do with your life, or lusting about your future husband. 'Cuz that would be, you know, ungodly and all...

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