Monday, March 26, 2007

Feminist Films: Kill Bill

I found this lovely feminist analysis of the movie Kill Bill Vol. 1.

As a comment, I would like to point out that this film (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2)can also be interpreted as an ode to single, working mothers. As a matter of fact, the Bride's marriage never worked out, as one stereotypically hoped it would. As the story progresses, she discovers that she was limiting herself to being a mother was contrary to her true nature: as she "opted out" from the workplace, the Bride true aspirations could not be fulfilled. It's only by resuming her job (now as an...hum... "independent entrepreneur", rather than as Bill's employee) as well as the guardianship of her daughter that she finds true happiness.

On a more technical note, as a (male) friend of mine en movie enthusiast remarked, one the main visual theme of both parts of the film is the appropriation by female characters of traditionally male and/or phallic symbols, such as suits and business attire, guns and swords.

(Back off, patriarchy! This is the new face of single working feminist mothers!)


koko kai said...

yey, women with swords!! :p

Ã_Rè@l_L@dÿ said...

Hey! I think you are a feminist or something. I just wanted to tell you the Bible says women should submit to men! But even if you are a feminist, Jesus loves you!!!!
ok, so I have a blog too now :p

maybe it can help you understand stuff.